Move your intentions into ACTION.
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I think you are an incredible healer and I am healthier for having worked with you.

—KV, High Falls, New York


In my 20+ years of providing Nutrition Counseling and Business Wellness Consulting as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in the Hudson Valley of New York, I have developed an accessible and inspiring style of presenting ideas, information, and plans about eating for health and wellness.

Creating Wellness for Individuals and Businesses

  • Inspiring communication to motivate & initiate change
  • Passionate and informative
  • Positive & individualized
  • Teaching & living wellness

Are you ready to move your intentions into action?

  • CONTEMPLATION. Are you thinking about making some changes in your life? Are you wondering if your business can benefit from incentivizing your employees to be healthier? Call me to see how I can help!
  • PREPARATION. Get ready! This is where we work out a plan together that’s individualized for your lifestyle, preferences and budget. We set up classes or guidelines or incentives to move towards to be healthier.
  • ACTION. You’re on your way! You receive my Health Coaching to support you. You always have me as resource if you have a question. I monitor your progress as a client and for businesses to create a healthy environment.
  • MAINTENANCE. You’ve reached your goals! Check in and fine-tune your plan and goals as necessary.

Are you looking to achieve sustained Weight Loss?

I offer a program geared towards long-term Weight Loss Maintenance and success. My clients safely lose up to 2 to 5 pounds per week in a clinically proven program while improving their health. Would you choose Optimum Health if you could? When you become aware of and then change your behaviors, you can succeed! I provide Health Coaching to support you through the process.

Bringing health and wellness to business and institutional settings.

Working with Healthy Businesses and Schools to help create a nourishing environment; whether working with employees, consumers, health professionals or students. I offer Creative solutions for Business Wellness with Corporate Wellness programs, Health Fairs, Healthy Newsletter Writing, Product representation, Nutrition research and claims support. I coach Health Professionals and other Health Coaches on how to offer successful Weight loss programs to their clients.

Whether working directly within the Hudson Valley, traveling or virtually, your business can be a place of wellness.

You can learn more about me and what I offer through the pages of this website. I encourage you to contact me. It’s a great way to begin.